Six Serpents game - It was the year 990 AD. Salazar, one of the founders of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was contemplating taking over the school from his fellow founders. He thought they were too liberal and was upset they were allowing muggles, which are humans with no powers, into the school. Therefore, he invented a curse known as the Curse of the Six Serpents. If you enacted this evil curse, it produced a gigantic field that covered the entire school. It caused anyone inside the school to have to obey the caster, no matter how strong their witchcraft or wizard powers were. In order to enact this terrible curse, which was held in a dark deep altar below the school grounds, the one who casts it has to give six female sacrifices, which must consist of corrupted women who have consented to the caster's will. The women aren't killed, but they automatically are the caster's obedient, total sexual servants. They lose their very soul and their souls then become the energy to enact the curse. You are the wizard Salazar and must find a way to corrupt and sacrifice these six women so you can enact the curse and make them your sex slaves.