Champions of Liberty Institute of Training

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Champions of Liberty Institute of Training - Emma is studying to become a superhero. She is also a lesbian. Somehow you must balance her studies and her personal life. She is the type of lesbian who loves to find herself face deep in pussy. There is nothing she likes more than having her face planted in between the legs of a pretty girl. How will you ever become a superhero when all your character can think of is sex? Somehow for the sake of the planet and the universe, you'll have to take a break from pussy eating to learn something. Cheat Menu Password: adaRulesMayhemDrools99 "You need to open the phone and press the patreon symbol in the phone, then a girl will appear and ask you the password after that you choose what to alter (stats or relationship of the girls) choose one and repeat the same process to choose the one option you did not choose before and have at maxed)"