The MILFs of Sunville game is full of lusty women; a young man angry with his dad for deserting him for a new wife, and you are out on your own with no money and an uncertain future. So, you've left the big city and your formerly luxurious life to live in the tiny city of Sunville, which is near the ocean. How are you going to support yourself? Your new life has many temptations including your college having tons of gorgeous instructors and female students. So do you give up trying to be successful and indulge in all your sexual fantasies, change the direction of your life for lust versus financial gain, and end up not caring for anything but a physical pleasure? Do you take the high road and strive for a new career and to lead a rich life once more? Stand by for all these choices in this visual novel-style game. You can even take pictures via your camera on your phone. So enjoy the special features and decide your fate!