In Bliss, a series of troubling events start to take place at school in Japan. Faced with dwindling numbers of new citizens, the Japanese government is unable to fund vital social programs, including those for the elderly and the military, because of this persistent dilemma. Then, a potent aphrodisiac was developed by Prime Minister Tachi and released into the water supply in response to public outcry. When people are overcome by desire, their moral boundaries and restrictions on sex are swiftly loosened. The minister consolidates his authority while the population is distracted by mindless sex, with the ultimate objective of controlling a sex empire for the rest of his life. Despite this, things don't go as planned when the infected begin overrunning Tokyo. A new disease was born in the contaminated water supply, and it was called the BLISS VIRUS! The city is overrun with lust zombies, and the player and his friends must do everything to escape.