Luna's Fall from Grace - Ch2

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Luna's Fall from Grace Ch2 game - In this dystopian visual novel, governments have very little power, and unelected bureaucrats dominate most countries. Santa Rita, a city suffocating under mob control, is where the game's action unfolds. You take on the role of Luna, a young woman whose life is turned upside down by the death of her father and the revelation that he was involved in a very dubious business. And to make matters worse, Luna learns that her father has a long list of adversaries. It's clear that they harbor tremendous animosity toward her father and, by extension, his family. They're looking for revenge. They're out for blood. Blood that is hers. Helped by her father's strange friend Mr. Cavalcanti, Luna escapes from her village of Santa Rita. All of this happened back in 2013. Luna has been hiding in plain sight from her father's former adversaries as she strives to put the pieces of her life back together. Unfortunately, her accomplishments thus far have not come cheap. The old Luna thrived in the spotlight, but the new Luna must stay out of sight. She needs to lie, to put on a false persona, but the more she lies, the more she begins to doubt who she really is. On top of that, she still longs for her hometown despite everything that's transpired. Thus, Luna gladly accepts Mr. Cavalcanti's invitation to return. Unfortunately, the threat is still very real, and it's just getting started...