In My Hypnotized Family, you play a young psychology major who, in the span of two months, loses his job, girlfriend, and apartment and is thus forced to move back in with his mother, a sexy, curvy MILF nurse in her forties, and his two sisters. Your older sibling seems to despise you deeply; she dresses in gothic fashion, has long, dark fingernails, and the biggest, roundest, sexiest ass you've ever seen. Your little sis is the most naive, adorable, lovely, and charitable of the two of you. She is close to you and like pink, chocolates, and plush animals. You can't seem to help her with her homework without being sidetracked by her cute little breasts. When your mother's friend, a local hypnotherapist, hears that you have a degree in psychology, she introduces you to her and offers you a job as her assistant. You get to watch her hypnotize patients every day. As you watch her, the idea of hypnotizing the women in your family to make them your exclusive conquest grows more and more appealing.