Deeper Club - A Vore Life

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Deeper Club is a visual novel with dating sim mechanics based around sex and vore. Starting Deeper Club, a vore life game, you immediately find yourself in Japan for hypers after the pandemic times! This game runs around vore, sex, and lust. The main hero is a mouse, Melo, who is constantly trying his best not to fall for his needs or other fresh-eaters. Suddenly the banging virus, The Hyperona, caught the Universe. The victims of the virus grow in size many times every day, but the invented vaccine has only the opposite effect- they are becoming more hungry, wild, and horny. People are getting used to the updated options of the body, but there are still new options coming and coming. Being a vore is one of them! The World is so quickly changing, and it is 2031 now. Your goal is to find a job in this nuthouse.