In the fantasy world of Secret Island, you become a powerful sorcerer and a seasoned warrior. Having been unwillingly embroiled in a conflict you never sought, your fight was solely to seek retribution against certain individuals on the opposing side, only to be double-crossed after achieving your revenge. Wounded and abandoned at sea, you unexpectedly land on an unfamiliar island, where you're rescued by an enigmatic group of women, some of whom aren't entirely human. Oddly, this place is entirely unfamiliar to you. As you adapt to your new life on the island, it becomes evident that something is awry. Despite hearing messages from the outside world, it seems impossible for anyone to leave. Mysterious magical barriers safeguard different areas of the island, and there's an eerie silence surrounding other inhabitants. A myriad of questions fills your mind about the island's other residents, the creators of these magical seals, lurking threats, and the purpose of your presence. Both you and your newfound companions conceal hidden truths.