The Hottest Summer game immerses players in the life of Sam, a high school senior living in an Asian country. Sam's story unfolds within the vibrant backdrop of his beautiful family, which includes his attractive mother, Riona, and his enigmatic sister, Juno. Despite being a typical 20-year-old student with average grades, Sam finds himself amid a compelling narrative, where he regularly faces bullying from two school brothers, Jim and Jun. The reason for this relentless harassment is simple - Jim and Jun are competing for the affection of not only Sam's cherished childhood friend, Angela but also vying for the heart of his intriguing sister, Juno. Leading up to the summer break, a series of unforeseen events starts to unravel, setting Sam, Angela, and Juno on a captivating journey filled with desire and mystery. The narrative unfolds in response to the decisions Sam makes along the way, with the repercussions of those choices ultimately determining the direction of the game.