In the Fantasy Opposite game, you will go on an extraordinary journey to the enchanted kingdom of Grimburgh, a city where all the characters from your favorite fairy tales come to life, including Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Cinderella, and the mysterious inhabitants of Alice in Wonderland. Ever pondered the prospect of forging romantic connections with these iconic figures? If such whimsy has ever stirred your curiosity, then this game was meticulously crafted for your delight! However, be forewarned, it's far from the ordinary. It's the 21st century, and it's high time for an imaginative twist on our cherished fantasy characters. Envision a gothic Snow White, a surprisingly kind-hearted Big Bad Wolf, a resourceful Red Riding Hood with designs to capture your heart, and even a Cinderella turned relentless antagonist. Are you prepared for this remarkable journey that breathes new vitality into classic tales? Additional InfoCheat Codes monie = adds 500 aridne kitten = adds 100 kitcarat gaylery = unlocks gallery