After leaving your military post, you come back to your hometown - the mysterious August City, where appearances deceive. Peculiar incidents unfold, all seemingly tied to the secretive operations of Price Industries, a colossal company run by the ruthless Goro Price that recently established itself in your city. Rumors of questionable experiments start spreading, and despite the firm's denial and the absence of solid proof, you become entangled in a complex web of eerie secrets and unearthly puzzles. However, even as turmoil looms with Price Industries as its epicenter, the authorities remain oddly indifferent. The stakes are at their peak, and the lives of August City's inhabitants are on the line. Will you take charge and form alliances to uncover the true intentions of this sinister power? The destiny of the city rests in your hands. Explore the concealed truths lurking beneath the surface of August City in Unraveling August.