In Corrupted Kingdoms, you assume the role of the protagonist, potentially a hero or villain in this narrative. Initially, your quest is to unveil the reasons behind your family's expulsion from your hometown. However, you are swiftly drawn into events that surpass your wildest imagination. With tensions rising between humans and mythical creatures lurking just out of sight, a crucial decision looms: will you become a symbol of hope, or wield your newfound power to assert control over the world? Cheats bag_cash = 99999 bag_gems = 9999 bag_potions = 9999 Show Character Cards character_cards = 1 Complete Luna Tunnels luna_tunnels_complete = 1 Change MC Name First Name mc = "Lance" Last Name mcln = "Uchikatsu" Stat Codes have a tendency to break the game however if you need to fix them stats_physical stats_charisma stats_magical stats_martial stats_insight