In the Delicate Taboo game, as the MC arrives in Lux City, things are getting better for him. Having escaped an abusive home environment, he initially came as an exchange student and later extended his stay, working as an au pair for his sponsor family. His initial experiences were a typical slice of life, portraying an improving existence with each passing day. However, circumstances took a turn. We join MC on his 18th birthday, a pivotal moment marking his entry into adulthood. Many new paths unfold before him, each laden with temptation, intrigue, and danger. These paths lead MC to diverse fates. Temptation arises through the act of breaking taboos, putting at risk the bonds he has formed with his sponsor family and friends. The plot thickens as he delves into his role in a growing conspiracy orchestrated by powerful forces to fulfill an ancient prophecy that could endanger the entire world. Danger takes on multiple forms - criminal, technological, and even magical threats - as these influential forces seek to manipulate or eliminate him. The question remains: what will be the ultimate fate of our MC?