Set two decades after the global sweep of the Metagen-92 virus, commonly known as the "Superflu," which bestowed superpowers or mutations upon a significant portion of the adult population. "Origin Story" follows MC, a seemingly ordinary nineteen-year-old grappling with social challenges and the unmanifested nature of his abilities. Ostracized by his peers due to his powers not yet emerging, MC was raised by Parker Samson, a close friend of his deceased parents and the co-owner of the leading organization in Metagen research and the development of the Metagen Vaccine. After an unexplained and violent attack targeting MC, The Sisterhood, a government-backed team of celebrity superheroines and sex icons, intervenes to assist him. While under their care, MC's latent ability surfaces, forcing him to navigate the complexities of school life, his family dynamic, a budding relationship with his best friend and girl-next-door Evelyn, and his newfound association with The Sisterhood. As MC grapples with these challenges, he is set on a path to determine whether this marks the beginning of a hero's journey or that of a villain.