In BadHero - Ep2, you take on the role of Frank, the main character, who has served an 18-year sentence in prison. The reason why he was released from prison is still unknown. Much has changed since he was locked up. Mirage, a new synthetic drug, is being distributed by gangs. It is causing so many problems that no one can seem to get a handle on it. He gets away from all the drugs and whores, only to find himself fucked over by a woman he fell in love with. All of his money was stolen by his ex-girlfriend and her two daughters. He's going to do everything he can to find her and recoup his losses. The main character gets employed by a for-profit college where adolescent students attend classes. The main character finally stumbles across the sisters when they attend the college he works at. Their father abandoned them, and that's where he steps in and tries to save the sisters whose mom wrecked his life.