In Business of Loving, you're a young unpaid intern who works for the biggest company in the city called Business Inc! Kimberly is a boss, and sometimes she can be a total bitch. Lorraine is your roommate, and she's a single mom. The two of you need to find various part-time jobs to pay the rent. All your life struggles lead you to find a dirty scandal filled with lies and perverted corruption. This is the kind of thing you hear about in the news but never thought you'd experience yourself. ### CHEATS MAY LEAD TO BUGS - YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! #### Enter these as a name when starting a new game, or in the bedroom PC. skipitallbabe - Max Out All skiplorrainepls - Max Out Lorriane skiplilypls - Max Lily skipkimpls - Max Kim skipramirezpls - Max Ramirez motherearth - Max Lorraine x Lily bounceonmyboy - Big Money thebigmeanie - Max All DP littleskatey - Max All RP blondesrbetter - Max Patty's RP babyfever - Max Out Pregnant Lorraine tothegoodstuff - Max points to skip to then newest content